Current Research Topics

2015-12-24 03:57:00

Comparative Study on Mining Laws of ASEAN Countries--Associate Professor Zhang Hui

Comparative Study on Arbitration Laws of ASEAN Countries--Associate Professor Xu Yibin

Comparative Study on Monetary Settlement System of ASEAN Countries--Professor Liu Jianmin

Comparative Study on Financial Legal System of ASEAN Countries--Professor Sheng Xuehui

Comparative Study on Foreign Investment Legal System of ASEAN Countries--Professor Zhang Xiaojun

Comparative Study of Criminal Law of ASEAN Countries--Professor Mei Chuanqiang

Comparative Study of Civil Litigation System of ASEAN Countries--Professor Tang Li

Comparative Study of Corporate Law of ASEAN Countries--Professor Zhao Wanyi

Research on the Deficiencies and Countermeasures of CAFTA Rules--Professor Zhang Xiaojun

Strategic Research on the Construction of Chongqing as the National Central City--the Development of the Western Consulate Center and the International Organization Center--Professor Pan Guoping

Research on Legal Risk and Countermeasures for Chongqing Enterprises to invest in ASEAN Market--Yang Yonghong

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone--Professor Zhang Xiaojun