1+4 & Bachelor Degree Programmes

2015-12-29 05:17:00

SWUPL Bachelor Degree Programmes

Information for Applicants


We sincerely invite you to apply to the bachelor-degree programmes at SouthWest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) in Chongqing, China!


 Programme Types

1) 1+4 overseas student programme.

2) Full-time undergraduate programme.



1. Must be non-Chinese who hold a high-school diploma, 16 years old or older.

2. Must have obtained the HSK Level-4 certificate or its equivalent prior to enrolling in the full-time undergraduate programme.

3. Must have kept good records in honesty and integrity; must show proof of good health and fitness to successfully complete the programme.

4. Cohort Size: varies; 50 for Cohort 2015.


Length of Studies

1. Completion of the 1+4 overseas student program takes five years. First year: further education in the Chinese language. Second to fifth year: education in chosen specialty.

Completion of the full-time undergraduate programme takes four years.

2. Each academic year consists of two semesters, with the Spring Semester starting in March and the Fall Semester starting in September.


Specialty and Degree

1. Specialties

Marxist Philosophy | Chinese Philosophy | Foreign Philosophy | Ethics Studies | National Economics | Finance | Study of International Trade | Legal History |Jurisprudence Studies | Study of the Constitution and the Administrative Law | Criminal Law | Civil and Commercial Law | Litigation Law | Economic Law | Environmental and Resources Law | International Law | Applied Legal Studies | IP Law | Investigation Studies | Legal Logic | Police Science | Political Science Theories | Chinese and Foreign Political Systems | International Politics | Marxism Theories | Political Science Education | Study of Journalism | Study of Mass Communication | Management of Enterprises | Administrative Management | Economics and Management of Education | Master in Law | Master in Translation Studies | Master in Journalism and Mass Communication | Master in Public Management | Foreign Language Studies and Applied Linguistics | Management of Social Medicine and Health Service

2. Degree

Degree will be conferred upon completion of all studies and thesis, which must comply with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees.


Application Materials

1) Foreign Student Application Form

2) Original or scanned English copy of high-school graduation certificate

3) Original or scanned English copy of high-school transcript

4) Scanned copy of passport

5) Electronic photos of the applicant

6) Scanned copy of clinical health report

7) Applicants to the full-time undergraduate program must provide HSK-4 or higher-level certificate, or transcripts or certificates that proves proficiency in Chinese

8) One letter of recommendation (e.g. from school officials, teachers, or experts from a certain discipline)


Application Timelines: from May 10 of 2015 to July 10 of 2015


Submit your application 

Electronic applications can be submitted to the following

Email: 317654839@qq.com

Phone: +86-23-67258579, Fax: +86-23-67258547

Contact Person: Wang ZeyinPostal Code: 401120


Hard-copy applications can be mailed to

Address: SouthWest University of Political Science and Law Jingye Building 6066, 301 Baosheng Rd, Yubei Dist, Chongqing 401120, China


Examination and Admissions

Applicants to the 1+4 overseas student programme are waived of entrance exams, and will be admitted upon careful review and approval of application materials.


Applicants to the full-time undergraduate programme must partake in interview on Chinese proficiency. Interview will be conducted over telephone.


Admission decisions will be announced on websites of SWUPL and its partner organizations.


Tuition and Scholarships

1. Tuition

20000 RMB/year for full-time undergraduate programme.

For students in the 1+4 overseas student programme, tuition for the first year (i.e. further education on the Chinese language) will be 12000 RMB/year and 20000 RMB/year for subsequent years.


2. Accommodation Expenses

Standard Accommodation: 400 RMB/person/month (Double Rooms); 1600 RMB/person/month (Single Rooms).

Note: foreign students can apply to live in 4-person dormitories as does domestic students, for a cost of 1200 RMB/person/year.




Confucius Institute Scholarship


The Chongqing Mayors Scholarship for Foreign Students (from 10000 RMB to 25000 RMB per year; receives application from February to April and announces results in July)


The SWUPL Presidents Scholarship for Foreign Students (given out once per year; from 10000 RMB to 25000 RMB per year)