Consul General for the France at Chengdu Olivier V

2014-03-18 12:00:00


On the afternoon of March 17th, consul general for the France at Chengdu Olivier Vaysset and commissioner for technical and educational cooperation of General Consulate for France Li Fenglan visited SWUPL. Vice president Sun Changyong met Olivier Vaysset and his party in the third conference room of Qinye Building, and both sides negotiated about cooperation and exchanges in the field of education.


In the symposium, the vice president Sun Changyong firstly welcomed Olivier Vaysset to SWUPL. He gave brief introduction to curriculum plans, achievements, legal education and SWULP’s exchange and cooperation with French colleges and universities. He said that SWUPL made a great achievement in cooperating with many French colleges in educating students, joint programs in research and so on. Vice president Sun hoped that two sides could strengthen cooperation between SWUPL and France colleges to a new standard which would enable both side benefits from it.


Consul general Olivier Vaysset said that 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, and the French consulate at Chengdu would not only support the exchange and cooperation between SWUPL and France colleges actively, but also establish a new platform to serve for talent cultivation, academic exchange between universities. 


Mrs. Li Fenglan said that she was very pleased to know about the information of exchange and cooperation between SWUPL and French colleges about talent cultivation and academic exchange. She believed that through the joint effort of two sides, it could encourage more French colleges cooperated with SWUPL.


Deputy Director of international cooperation and exchange department Guo Meisong and Qin Jie attended the symposium.