Three parties jointly build Chongqing Vienna Inter

2014-04-26 12:00:00


In order to introduce the advanced experience, practice theories and technological theories about city management from Vienna and other EU counties, in the morning of April 24th, President Fu Zitang, vice rector of the university of Vienna Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik and leader of Chongqing international economic cooperation commission Wu Jianbo signed memorandum of cooperation in the fourth conference room of Qinye building. SWUPL would provide professional trainings from an international perspective to the public servants and professionals who were engaged in the construction, operation and management of the cities in China’s western region.


 Before the signing ceremony, Chairman Zhang Guolin met vice rector Weigelin and director Wu Jianbo, then he gave a brief introduction of SWUPL.


President Fu Zitang said in his speech that cooperated with international well-known high level universities on international education was the primary mission and aim of SWUPL’s liberal education policy. City management training project was an important achievement of importing superior education resources and enhancing cooperation level for SWUPL. He hoped that SWUPL could grasp the opportunity to cooperate with university of Vienna in other areas and expand two parties’ communication and cooperation through the chance of this project.


Vice rector Weigelin gave a brief introduction of university of Vienna. She hoped that this project could promote two universities to cooperate in more domains.


Leader of Chongqing international economic cooperation commission Wu Jianbo made a detailed description about the background of the project. He said that Chongqing-Vienna International City Management Training Project aimed to promote the sustainable development and the upgrading of the management level of Chongqing and other cities in China’s western region. The head of foreign capital management office of foreign economic and trade administration of Chongqing Jiang Jingquan hoped that openness and cooperation would reach a win-win situation, and he also looked forward to establishing broad cooperation with Austria.


In the afternoon of 24th, vice rector of the University of Vienna Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik and her party attended the exchange forum in the third conference room of Qinye Building. The two sides had a in-depth exchange of views on postgraduate education, interdisciplinary major study, public management subject development and continuing studies and so on.